theres at least 5 ways of saving the planet from global warming 1 of them is if a volcano went of and thats the natural won cos the smoke from the volcano blocks the sunlight theres a few man made variations on this theme putting fine water droplets into the atmosphere to make the clouds reflect more is the cheapest closely followed by burning lots of sulpher at the costly end is distributing glass lenses billions of them between the earth n the sun trillions of quid that won in the middle sumwhere is farming the fre algae in the sea as they eat co2 n produce oxygen so gass guzzlers the winners again


TV VIewing figures prove that the mass audiences of the recent past have vanished overwhelmed by freeview freserve sky cable over 12000 channels means even if tony blair gave a speech the chances of listening to our leader on the right channel sumdays are as bad as 20000 to 1 youth is getting used to this idea n the smaall groups of thinkers/talkers on the web generally report to themselves teir ideas of what i what in the modern world as mutch as our unpopular poloiticians try to regain the authority n respect they are used to they are defeated daily by the fact of audience fragmentation dont forget that word its gonna rule the rest of our lives,n people are going to have to try a lot harder to talk to eatch other as there views become stedily more dissimilar due to the vast increase in choice of entertainment n thinking< /font>

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